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Shoe Cleaning Service Form
Shoe Cleaning Service Form




To remove dust, dirt and tough stains from your shoes, we deep clean every part of your shoes including laces, straps, and soles.

While offering shoe laundry service, we use different shoe cleaners and techniques depending on the material of footwear. We always work on a small area for test cleaning and ensure that the process will not damage items.

Next up, we will ensure that every part of your shoes becomes spotless with our professional shoe cleaning service, which includes:

  • External Cleaning: Laces, Outer lining, Outer shoe fabric, Buckles, Straps, Tassels, etc.
  • Inside Cleaning: Inner sole, Midsole, Inner shoe fabric, etc.

We use pro-fabric chemicals & globally acclaimed machines for shoe cleaning services. Keeping the WHO & CDC hygiene standards in consideration, we focus on sanitization as well. Lastly, we use German deodorizers to kill unwanted odour.



To protect your shoes from dust, dirt, stains, and water we provide them the nourishment they need.

It is crucial to protect shoes from water, dust, dirt, and stains to keep them in a good condition for longer. This is why we nourish footwear with the following shoe protection services:


  • Waterproofing: Water protection or Waterproofing saves your shoe from seasonal rains & sudden splashes. A high-quality, water-repellent nano-coating is applied on the shoe surface. We apply it in multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer for extra protection.


  • Shoe Conditioning/ Transparent protective coating: Your shoes need to be resistant to dirt, dust, fungus & bacteria. For this purpose, we apply a thin transparent protective coating of Mink & Lanolin oil.


  • Shoe polishing: While people don’t care enough about polishing, it is more important than you think. Poor quality polish doesn’t only make you compromise with the shine it also ruins your shoe fabric in the long run. We use premium shoe polish for the best results.


  • Re-glueing the shoes: The glue that holds the insoles and base of your shoe starts degrading with time. If it is left unattended, it can stop working gradually. So, our experts remove the old glue and apply fresh glue to increase the longevity of your shoes.


  • De-yellowing: With prolonged usage and exposure to dirt, light-coloured shoes (especially white ones) turn pale yellowish. We use special chemicals to deoxidize and boost the white colour to get your shoes shining again.


  • Sole protection: To protect your sole from wear-tear and other damages we apply an undersole shield precisely with the help of a heat gun.


  • Crease protection: When your feet move inside the shoes it causes creases on the upper side which do not look good. So, we install an anti-crease guard inside the toe box.


No matter whether your shoes meet rain or mud, they will always be safe. Protecting your favourite shoes is an easy job with ShoeCommerce.

Shoe Cleaning


  • Shoe Cleaning
  • Shoe Polishing


  • Deep Shoe Cleaning
  • Shoe Polishing


220 189
  • Deep Shoe Cleaning
  • Shoe Polishing
  • Insole Replacement
  • Small Repairings

Shoe Repairing


29/ per shoe
  • Sole
  • Sides


59/ per shoe
  • Covers All Areas


  • Insole Replacement
  • Gluing
  • Stitching
  • All required Repairing
  • Shoe Laces Replacement
  • Shoe Cleaning
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