Adjustable Shoe Trees- Men’s Black Plastic Shoe Trees Shaper

₹908 - ₹1,008


Product Details

  • Material: Plastic
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Color: Black
  • Use to:  Keep the shape of shoes nice and straight
  • Length: 9.45″-12.40″ / 24cm -31.496 cm (Adjustable),fit for men’s shoes size from 6-11.5
  • Feather weight, Perfect for travel. perfect for your closed-toe heels, as well as boots & tennis shoes, moccasins ,sneakers etc.
  • Moisture and odor absorption

Product Description

Maintains Shoe Shape

This shoe shaper will effectively maintain the shape of your shoes by keeping it crease free and straight. It provides moisture and odor absorption while keeping the shoes wrinkle free and protected.

Versatile Shoe Trees

This adjustable shoe shaper is crafted from plastic material and is lightweight. The compact size makes it perfect for traveling or store at home. It will protect your shoes, sneakers, boots and closed-toe heels.


Place shoetrees inside your shoes & ensure they are placed all the way down past the ankle. It is flexible which makes it easier for the shoetree to keep your shoes in the right shape and to smooth out creases, linings and wrinkles.

Quality material                               Reusable products                          Ensured Durability

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