DOLPHY Wooden Shoe Horn

₹432 - ₹632

Product Details
  • DESIGN: Dolphy wooden shoe horn is designed and manufactured according to the shape of the human heel, with a lanyard at the tail for easy storage. A useful long handle shoe horn for seniors, women, men, kids, the disabled and for all types of shoes.
  • MATERIAL: The 15” long handled shoe horn is made of Finnish high-quality pine wood, which is durable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. The excellent grinding process makes the shoe spoon smooth and round.
  • SIZE : The shoe horn long handle is with 15 inch length. It is more convenient to wear shoes, helping reduce bending over; relieving back pain and knee pain. Make it easy and fast to slip into your footwear with Dolphy long shoehorn!
  • CONVENIENCE : The easy shoe helper allows you to avoid crushing the heel to maintain the shape of the shoe. Great aid for effortlessly putting shoes or boots on. Making life easier and saving much time with the boot horn.
  • FOR : Seniors, children, pregnant women, physically-limited individuals who have trouble bending down when putting on shoes, as well as people who want to avoid making their hands dirty when putting on shoes
Product description

High-quality and durable materials, can provide long-lasting strength, durable, suitable for elderly people who are inconvenient to bend over, designed for pregnant women, suitable for all kinds of boots and shoes.,LONG DESIGN :15 inches, more convenient to wear shoes, helps reduce bending over; relieving back pain and knee pain ,LONG & STREAMLINED WOODEN HANDLE: Easy to lift shoes ; No need to over-bend when putting on shoes ,PROFESSIONALLY HANDMADE: Made by skilled and experienced craftsmen; High-quality craftsmanship ,EASY TO USE : smooth and rounded edges, no sharp edges, perfect angles so that the feet slide into the shoes without damaging or cutting the shoes.


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