Height Increase Shoe Insoles Air Cushion 3-Layer 2.75 inch /7cm

₹589 - ₹789

Product Details
  • MATERIAL: Rubber
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Height Increase
  • Size: 7cm
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: 3 Layers design, Adjustable Height-Increase(3~7 cm, 1.18~2.75 inches) and air cushion shockproof.
  • GREAT MATERIAL: Mainly made of synthetic elastomer, super elasticity, shock absorbent.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Very durable with a long product life. They are also used to reduce pressure on the back and knees when walking, and have been proven to effectively reduce spinal shrinkage with age.
  • Make You Taller, Supportive Comfort Breathable Multi-Layer Invisible Boosting Lifts.
  • Customer Rating: 3.8/5 (253+)

3-layer air cushion

The height increase insole is built with a 3-layer air cushion that helps to absorb shock and provide ease to the wearer. It is very soft and comfortable.

Instant Heel inserts

This insole is an instant heel insert that is placed inside the shoe, under the sole, to provide additional lift to the wearer. It helps in increasing the height of the wearer.

Relieves foot pain

Soft, springy and comfortable silicone insoles with good damping effect, it helps to relieve your foot pain and fatigue while walking and is also suitable for standing for a long time.

Product Category

Women, Men


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