Soft Heel Pad

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Material: Sponge

Quantity: 12 pack

Item Form: Pad

Size: Large


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  • Fit Most Shoes ➧ Ballotte heel grips for men and women work great with leather but not fur or fabric linings. The heel pads are suitable for both men and women’s most types of shoes. A-must-have accessory for new shoes in black and nude colors, women’s dress shoes
  • Are Shoes Too Big? ➧ Ballotte shoes too big inserts add extra volume and prevent slipping. The comfortable design of the extra thick sponge heel cushion best fills up the volume! Use heel pads for shoes that are too big with loose-fitting new boots, heels, flats, loafers; allowing them to fit perfectly
  • Stay Firmly ➧ Long-lasting adhesive heel inserts for shoes for reliable performance. Simply pull off the tape covering the adhesive and stick it onto the inside of the heel of your shoe. For best results, follow the instructions
  • Anti Rubbing Effect ➧ Heel cushion inserts for women shoes are designed to provide gentle cushioning, remove heel pain, and protect the skin from blisters, corns, or other injuries. Make uncomfortable women’s heeled shoes comfy
  • Sensitive Skin-Friendly ➧ The specially designed fiber of the shoe back cushion has a smooth feel and a natural wicking action, which keeps moisture away from the skin. This helps to avoid the hazard of skin irritation


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11.8 x 9.2 x 3.8 cm; 20 Grams

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17 November 2020

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20 g

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6 count

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#7 in Insoles

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4,932 ratings




Nude/Black (12 Pack)



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Insole Type

Comfort Insole

Arch Type

High Arch

60 reviews for Soft Heel Pad

  1. AngelaAngela

    When shoes you bought on sale don’t fit!

    Perfect for my doc martens that are a bit too big. The adhesive lasts long as I have not had to replace them both

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  2. Lynette A.

    They Deliver!

    Used the pads on inner lining that was a bit rough in some new shoes. As long as the directions are followed, they work perfectly.

  3. anythingandeverything

    Comfy but no grip

    Bought these in the hole that they’d stop my feet slipping out of a pair of flat slip on shoes. They seem to make the problem worse!I can imagine they’ll be great as a cushion for sore heels – they seem good quality too – but the surface is silky and does not hold the shoe in place as I’d hoped.

  4. Conner N

    Lasted one wear

    Were very comfortable for one wear. Area was cleaned prior to adhesion, but after the first wear they came partially unstuck and were incredibly uncomfortable to wear, and have left stubborn residue on the lining of my shoes, very disappointed.

  5. Sarah


    I got these hoping for the best. I love my Doc Martens but my heel was rubbing against the back on one side and it was driving my nuts. I have one pair of canvas doc martens that would rub a hole into my sock on that one side on a regular basis. I put these in and they work like a dream. Hardly noticeable once you get use to them( a day or 2). I love these so much and I’m so happy I don’t have to get rid of my 2 favorite pairs!

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  6. HippieHappy

    Finally some heel grips that work.

    I have used heel grips before from a different brand that they were thin and kept peeling off so I was a bit skeptical when I ordered these. Nevertheless, my new hiking boots were about half a size too big and kept cutting badly into my heels, so I gave these a go based on the price/ review ratio.First of all, these are a really nice thickness and the cushioning is superb. Really nice and soft. They are easy to apply and actually stick to the shoe. I know some reviews mention that when you remove them they can leave a mark on the shoe, but I guess this will depend on the lining of your shoes. My boots have a breathable mesh lining that was not damaged when I eventually removed the grip, which I did to replace it because I had to wash the shoes. Glue residue might be possible, but again there are ways of removing this and I’d rather risk this than have a heel grip that slips off.I had a wound on my heel (cheers, boots!) And with a bit of gauze padding, a hydrocolloid patch and these grips I couldn’t feel it at all- also no more bleeding and it finally healed.I found these grips to be excellent value, they do the job and I would definitely recommend them.

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  7. Wendy Van Puymbroeck

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Bought these to go into my new leather boots. These are of course still very stiff and so would have definitely caused me blisters and a lot of pain if I walked them in the way they were. I’ve put these heel grips in as soon as they arrived and put them to the test. The adhesion is perfect, very strong. Also the pads are very soft and comfortable. I wore my new boots the majority of the day without any issues whatsoever, they actually felt extremely comfortable from the minute I put them on. Highly recommend and will definitely buy again if I need more.

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  8. Hussain mohammed Rayed

    More of a blister protector than a shoe filler

    Sticks well and probably better used for people who suffer from blisters. But as a shoe filler it’s not great at all. Advert says upto 1size difference. Doesn’t fill even close to 1/4 of the size.

  9. h

    They’re okay but not great

    Quite sticky and sometimes when I put my foot in my shoe, they peel down and get stuck to my sock.

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  10. Mrs K A Dagley

    Perfect solution for shoes that rub

    These really do the trick, no more blisters!

  11. steve powell

    Fit for purpose

    I had a pair of expensive Loake shoes delivered that were “over” sized. I didn’t want to return them and thought these may solve the problem. They have so far but only worn shoes once so time will tell.

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  12. M. Yablonovich

    Totally Worthless for My Running Shoes

    Not once but twice came off as soon as I started wearing them. They do say it’s for leather or viscose linings so maybe my running shoes have fabric lining and that’s the source of the problem but I assume that’s the case with many or most tennis/running shoes so others should beware.

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  13. Hien NguyenHien Nguyen

    The heel pads very comfortable

  14. Amazon Customer

    Heel grips

    No more rubbing or chaffing.Comfy fit

  15. Turcu Cristina Maria


    The glue could be a bit better. But overall they are nice. Very soft

  16. K. Munns

    Can now wear shoes that were just that little bit too big….

    I have some brand new loafers in size 5…in sandals I wear a 4 but closed shoes really need to be 41/2 but it’s just practically impossible to find half-sizes nowadays unless you’re willing to pay out for more up-market brands….yet my shoes are so lovely but just need to fit properly. A 5 sometimes is just about ok but sadly this time,much too loose but a 4 pushed and cramped my toes to the front …so when I saw these had such amazing reviews I thought that they were worth a try as it wouldn’t be too expensive a loss if unsuccessful or still might come in useful later on. They arrived today, speedily in less than 24 hours!…so I tried them immediately to find that the comfort is as described,lovely soft padding…they almost fill out the gap but were still not really fitting snugly so I also adhered one on each side of the shoe with great success; adhesion is strong and secure and I was careful how I put my shoes on so as not to risk dislodging them by being rough or careless. The only “downside” for me is in the fact that they do not actually grip,being smooth,soft padded little cushions so they still slipped off my heel quite a bit when I tried my shoes on in bare feet…..however….Hurrah!….socks and pop-socks worked a treat and are the answer to that little dilemma. Socks in particular were great probably being that little bit thicker but pop-socks (or tights) still were no problem so that will be how I’ll be wearing them. A great bonus is that I’ll be able to wear brand new shoes without a worry of blisters or rubbing; also in the great pack of twelve,six were in beige and six in black and as my shoes have beige lining it is perfect and also just the right number as I used three in each shoe,leaving six black ones for anything else. I would certainly recommend these on soft comfort and padding alone and at such amazing value and speed of delivery you can’t really go wrong with a bit of trial and error for whatever suits your own needs as there’s nothing worse than uncomfortable feet when out and about! Quality items,too,being well made and packaged so nicely. 5*****

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  17. Erika

    Does wonders!

    My son can wear his doc Martin shoes! At last!

  18. Amazon Customer

    Heel grip

    Easy to fit also nice and soft on heel

  19. Amber-lea Penner

    Bought these to try in my new shoes for work that rub on backs my heals

    Used in my worked shoes to stop the rubbing on backs of my heals and they work great!

  20. Ale Vale

    They will ruin your shoes.

    They get the work done, but you need to replace them with every wear because they don’t remain in place, which ruins your shoes. They also stick to my socks lol. Overall ok, but won’t be buying again.

  21. Priyanka

    Useful product

    Quite useful and value added product.

  22. shivangi mishrashivangi mishra

    Good product

    Quality is good..but it still not covering the upper area..

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  23. nitu singh

    Best quality product

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     Best solution for large size heels

  24. Kiran

    Good product,

    I’ve used in one of my shoes which was loose near the ankle. Earlier, i was finding difficult to walk. Now, after applying heel pads, i find it comfortable to walk. Glue is also gud. It stuck nicely on my crocs shoe. Looks durable, currently happy and satified with the product.

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  25. nidhi shetty

    Good no shoe bites

    Very comfortableMakes shoe fit better and no shoe bitesSticks well and stay for long

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  26. Amazon Customer


    Finally my legs were woundless, after Applying this product inside my shoes…..shoe biting stopped….before It was like a hell, so painful in entire function……thanks

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  27. Vikas

    Not good

    Dont buy, its not good at all

  28. Anushree Bhat

    Cheap quality

    Glue doesn’t work.. instead of sticking to shoe it easily comes off with socks 🥲 also few of them while taking out for sticking itself gets waste

  29. Manasi Pisal

    Not the right product

    I got loose strips in cheap packaging not like the one shown in previous reviews. The sponge is very thin and did not make any difference for my pointed shoes. I think i will need to stick two pairs to make it thick.

  30. S.prabhakaran

    Not good

    Totally waste money

  31. Joseph B.

    Works as intended

    What more can I say other than, they work, theyre soft and dont seem to fall off easily. Would recommend to a friend. I bought for a pair of loafers that were too wide at the opening

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  32. Kim Wyatt

    Affordable & Easy!

    Not crazy expensive and worth the money since you get 12 pairs – definitely a lifesaver because I’m always getting blisters no matter what shoes I wear but the downside is that it can come off quite easily, however, I think that would depend on where one applies and how you put on the shoes.The adhesives aren’t very strong, but it’s enough to suffice for one wear so I would recommend buying adhesives such as super glue to form it into your shoe.It’s definitely soft and comfy – very firm too and does give breathing space between your foot and shoe. Definitely would recommend if a shoe is half a size bigger because it will fill that gap (I normally wear a size 6 because there’s not a lot of size 5.5. shoes).I wore these with my size 6 platform boots and I wear thick socks to try and fill the gap but I found that the way I slip my shoes on makes the insoles stick to my socks, which then ends up tearing the insoles apart so like I said, may want to think about sticking the insoles with stronger adhesives to the shoe and let it dry. The way I put on my boots is almost pushing down the insoles (which probably explains how it sticks to my foot). It probably won’t come off if you loosened your shoe and wore normal/thin socks but I’m just impatient lol.

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  33. The Purpleone

    Only if your shoes are too big.

    The padding will make the shoes too tight; it is too much too bulky

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  34. Mari

    Too squishy

    I had such high hopes that these would help make my size a bit smaller and more comfortable. I already have an insole in them but still wear big socks. These helped for about five minutes and then they flatten and didn’t help make the shoe smaller, my feet were slipping out all day so uncomfortable I haven’t tried again.

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  35. Amazon Customer

    Not as thick as I’d expected

    Although it’s a quality product and good value for money, the heel grips were not as thick as I had hoped and with the material being so sating/soft, they actually caused my shoes to ‘slop’ more than before. Quite disappointing really as I had hoped that they would have solved the problem.

  36. jane Seymour

    If your shoes are rubbing your heels, buy these

    I purchased some shoes in sale. They had been £95 and i got the for £5. Over the moon.Then left heel rubbed and was really painful.I purchased these heel grips not sure if they would work.They are fantastic. Stick really well and really soft and comfortable.Now have the in more shoes.You wont be disappointed

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  37. Ann S.

    Does the job

    These stick well. I needed to use it for a pair of heels that are bigger however it doesn’t add that many inches. I was able to figure out a way to make it work. They feel nice against the back of my heels, helps with preventing blisters👍🏼

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  38. Mrs A.

    Just the job!

    Just what I was looking for as my one foot must be slightly smaller, I was slipping out of my Sketchers, so using just one heel grip it solved my problem

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  39. Jamiemcgran


    Bought these ti cushion my new Doc’s as they had previously left me with no skin on my heels. Fitted this item and very comfortable with no heel damage.

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  40. Alexander Luciano

    Not a good product for larger feet

    This product was unfortunately disappointing. I felt deceived by the photos to be honest. The pictures give you this impression that the padding is a bit thicker in width.I expected a bit more of a cushion in these… but in person they are very, very flat. Fair amount of softness to them but overall nothing impressive.Oh, and the adhesion was completely dysfunctional within just a day walking in the office. Didn’t take that long to unstick and fold up… pretty cheap, I’ve seen regular stickers stay on better.

  41. Rachel W

    A little large, but great

    These are great, and have been working really well in my shoes. They are a little larger than I like, and definitely take up a little more room than I was expecting, but they’ve been working well so far. I’ve worn them in shoes on and off for about a month now and they are still sticking strong. I love them crease that it has in the middle, makes it so easy to put correctly into the shoe. Exactly what I needed

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  42. tillysims

    Best heal grips I’ve ever used. Good value for money with so many in the pack.

    I’ve had heel grips before and found them very uncomfortable. However, needed some for a pair of new shoes which were just a tiny bit too big. Saw these and decided after reading reviews to give them a go. Best ones ever. Very comfortable, don’t even know they are there. Would recommend.

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  43. Suzique

    nice idea

    not as good as we thought but have made them fit now.

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  44. Wesley

    It does what it says

    Depending on the shoe I have it in I have to place it in different spots on the heal. They are comfortable and have helped

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  45. JML


    Bought for my daughters leather school shoes that badly rubbed her heels. These meant her shoes became instantly wearable again without rubbing and made them really comfortable to wear. They have stuck really well and have a good thickness of padding and were quick and easy to put in her shoes. Can’t recommend enough

  46. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable really good quality

    They really are so comfortable soft an stay on

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  47. tonymarshall

    OK when they stick

    Once they’ve been in a bit they’re OK but easy to peel off with your socks.

  48. Rach

    Amazing heel grips. Over the moon with them!!

    Arrived earlier than expected. Great product.Got new boots that where slightly to big & they rubbed on my heel,was going to send them back but saw these heel grips.So pleased with them..amazing adhesive,very comfortable & so soft. Highly recommend


    Good Value

    Good value a great product, easy to fix inside shoes/boots my Wife is well happy with them no more blisters

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  50. Jack

    Not grippy

    Bought these for my dress shoes for work and they let me down, the title is misleading as they do not grip whatsoever and still allow my heel to slide up and down. Similarly after a while they came off and I ended up leaving them behind me at work for someone else to pick up which was utterly embarrassing

  51. Terri


    cushions the back of the heel nicely

  52. DIY

    Not as thick as pictured 🙁

    The media could not be loaded.

     These are described as being suitable for shoes that are a bit too big, but seeing as they’re as flat as a pancake, they’re pretty useless for this! They are soft and padded, but not enough to stop shoes slipping off your heel. Plus, they DO NOT STICK. Pretty useless really. Don’t waste your money

  53. Mark

    Might but not quite!

    On purchasing these soft, adhesive heel pads, fitted expertly! i lived in the hope of stopping the sloppy shoe motion that annoys so much..did they do the job?? Not really for me! A good product otherwise.

  54. Sandra stevenson

    Came unstuck

    Did not stay in place

  55. Mark Gluberman


    I’ve always had wide feet which means shopping for smart/dress shoes has been a hassle. With these it makes a lot of my shoes much more comfortable. Great price also.

  56. janette waldron

    Stays in place

    Excellent product stay in place even in boots

  57. marianne

    they didn’t work for me I am sorry to say…

    the heel grips were very nicely presented. items appeared well. made… but they didn’t keep my feet in my shoes! they just slipped over the grip….

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  58. Niki T.

    Good quality for the price.

    They do the job that they are supposed to do on most shoes. Tried them on a pair of high heels and a pair of flats. Definitely worked better on the high heels. My flats already have a bit of cushioning around the heel tops which make a bit of a ridge and the heel grips didn’t last too long before they started to come free and slide up and over the top of the shoe. The packaging does say that they are ‘best for’ high heels though so I can’t really mark them down for not working on my flats. As I have larger feet I find it a bit awkard to find the half size that I need so I usually have to get them half a size bigger, so these heel grips are excellent to make them fit better.

    4 people found this helpful

  59. leanne


    These failed to stick and when they did they would come off as i would be walking and it took a chunk of my heel off as i was walking that was a huge ouch. These i didn’t get along with, tried many shoes but no. They are soft but they didn’t feel the best and didn’t do anything for me.

  60. Kevin P.

    So far, so good

    Reasonable price, so far so good. Place them correctly and certainly work fine.

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