Water Repellent / Waterproof Spray for Shoes

₹699 - ₹849

Product Details

Item form: liquid

Weight: 0.22 Pounds

Net Quantity: 100.00 millilitres

  • DOES NOT STAIN OR SMELL. COMPLETELY ODOUR FREE. Shoe and Sneakers breathability remains; does not stain or change your shoes or bags appearance, including suede or leather so your shoes are always looking great whilst being fully protected from the elements.
  • SUPER LONG LASTING & DURABLE. NO RE-SPRAYING EVERY DAY OR WEEK. Aerosols spray the air and and bad for the environment. Nanoman sprays the object so you get more coverage, you don’t use as much saving you money.
  • STOP WATER, STOP STAINS. 100% GUARANTEED. Transparent, prevents stains and soiling. Eco Friendly, Safe for You & Your Pets, 100% certified Food Safe.
  • WEAR YOUR FAVOURITE SHOES OR SNEAKERS without having to worry about the weather
  • NEW PACKAGING, NEW SPRAY MECHANISM. A LITTLE BIT OF SPRAY GOES A VERY LONG WAY. Quick and easy to use (cure time 24 hours), UV Stable! Great for keeping your favourite Shoes, Sneakers and Bags immune from stains. Water, & dirt resistant. Liquids such as red wine, coffee or juice will not permeate into your shoes – never fear a ‘spill’ again.

60 reviews for Water Repellent / Waterproof Spray for Shoes

  1. R W

    Awesome. Doesn’t smell.

    Awesome. I used this on the cloth portion of my white headphones without staining. I did three rounds with a brush instead of the spray to get Max soaking of this product into my cloth and now water droplets just roll off it.FYI, I had to throw the brush away because it is now waterproof too and everything rolls off it – rendering it useless.

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  2. Joseph Sofia Sr.

    So Far So Good. Time will Tell!

    Purchased this to protect a new pair of kicks (adidas Ultra Boost) that I’m planning on wearing at Coachella. Product applies easily with no odor nor discoloration of the running shoes fabric. After letting the shoes cure 24 hours as per the instructions, I did a test by putting the shoes under a faucet and the water ran right off them as the promo video portrayed. I’ll report in later and update this review after the festival to report how well the shoes repels dirt and staining.I deducted one star as the value per quantity of product is a bit high.

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  3. Sun

    Just one coat brings magic!

    I read the instruction and it said waite 24hrs to dry but only couple of hours it worked perfectly to my velvet bag. Just one coat applied, worked so well. Thanks to the seller.

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  4. Joe

    Not that good

    Applied as per instructions to my motorcycle leather gloves, allowed 72hrs drying time but failed to perform when it rained 3 days later. May have prevented them getting saturated but did not waterproof them at all…

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  5. Chris


    This is anything like the hydrophobic spray they make it out to be. It just barely offers water/dust protection on any material. It’s highly overpriced water with a hint of protection I would rate at about 5% effective.

  6. Rick

    Fantastic Product Highly Recommend

    Product is fantastic and their customer service is just as good as their product. Easy to apply no odor and did not change the color of the fabric on the couch I used it on. I sprayed some on a piece of cloth just to see how it worked and it is amazing to see how liquid just beads up and rolls of.

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  7. Jason I.

    Satisfied old school sneaker junkie.

    I sprayed this stuff on some Nike basketball shoes about two weeks before the blizzard that hit Texas. Never wore them until then, decided to use that as a “test” and wow! Since then I finally went and washed the grime off my car from the snow and had in the same shoes, hit with the sprayer and the water beaded off surprisingly well.

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  8. JohnJohn

    Great Product, Extraordinary Customer Service

    I was recommended to use this product on my shoes by a colleague at work, as we are currently under construction and it seems to take its toll on shoes the worst. I used in on this pair, using two moderate to heavy applications over the course of 48 Hours and I am very happy with the results. I did have an odd thing happen and decided to contact their Chief Happiness Officer, and the client service is amazing! Jo was quick to answer and just as quick to help me! I wore these shoes all this week so far, in the second picture you can see how minimal dirt occurred. I wiped the show on the left off with a baby wipe and what sort that was on it came right off. I will be applying it to my somewhat aging ski gear shortly. Thank you, will buy again!!!

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  9. Amazon Customer

    This stuff works

    I bought all white Adidas running shoes (with mesh fabric). Sprayed this on them with ~3 coats (give it like 45 min- 1 hour in between each spray, or just do it overnight and again in the AM), and they’re still pretty white. I’ve worn them over 15+ times outside running errands and actual running, etc. This stuff must work. I live in Chicago and they would have been pretty nasty at this point if it wasn’t for the spray, I’d think.

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  10. Parker

    Spray bottle broke immediately

    Could not use product. Spray bottle broke immediately

  11. Kunal


    Must have for sneakers. Specially for regular wear. Thanks to this, I don’t need to keep spending on getting the sneakers laundered. Works like magic and total value for money.

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  12. Brian R

    Follow the instructions carefully!!

    You have to use a generous amount to get best effect. I used it on fabric golf shoes and had to use a lot . Definitely have to dry thoroughly before using the shoes otherwise no good.

  13. Alfredo Mendoza

    Mehh …used once, not surprised

    Its ok but nothing magical, leather and other fabrics good but the ones with holes or mesh type, this will be useless o those.Its just ok…nothing amazing

  14. Kenny Gee


    Great for my shoes

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  15. Derrick Koh

    Hope it works!

    Hope this works on bags and shoes and last a long time. Not cheap.

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  16. Nigel Brian Mitchell

    Easy to apply

    Used to waterproof new suede boots. It’s worked a treat, very happy with the result.

  17. Shawn

    Nothing beats NANOMAN!

    I’ve been using this brand on all my shoes for years…. I’ve tried others but this is the best.

  18. Peter J Hunt

    Water repellent water resistant?

    Took a trip to Alaska it rained most of the time. The water resistance capacity of this product is questionable I did not get soaking wet but the water didn’t beat off the coat like I thought it might

  19. Lisa H

    My favorite for high end coats and footwear

    Spilled half a cup of coffee on my camel coat with no marks, odor, or stains. What more could I ask for?

  20. Daniel

    Works great on my suede shoes.

    This works great and helps put a layer on the shoes to make it easy to use a brush or spray off shoes with water to clean them. Best to brush a shoe to get off dry dirt then maybe spray with water after if needed.

  21. WALAA

    This product very good

    I try on my sneaker, amazing! When I drop some water I see and touch my shose. Really it like nothing drop on my shose! Also not affect on fabrics or other materials on shose, just I wanna try if it will protect from dust!And definitely I will buy again and again and again.

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  22. Ron

    Wow. Just wow!

    As a “very cautious optimist” I thought I would give this item a try and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. As a personal experiment I tried this out on my coat, my favorite scarf, and on several hats (I’m a hat person). Easy to use with simple instructions, I applied 3-4 layers at a time and wore these treated items on a typical light rainy day in the California Bay Area. Worked great and didn’t need an umbrella! All the different fabrics/materials easily repelled water and dried off rather well with a simple shake or two after hanging them up. Best of all for me. NO DISCOLORATION AT ALL AND NO FABRIC/MATERIAL DAMAGE!!! Will continue buying this product and hope this review helps others!

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  23. michael kemerling

    product works well, spray bottle didn’t

    bought this for my extensive shoe collection. product itself works well but; the nozzle portion of the bottle would not pump properly.I had to use a pump from a different spray bottle I had around the house.once I was able to use it. it works very well.

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  24. deannasheets

    Repels water ! Works ! Great for Fabric shoes !

    I used abt 3/4 of one bottle on 6 pairs of tennis shoes – Under Armour. Adidas. Nike’s. The fabric ones. Giving each pair 2 -3 coats. Allowed curing. Works fantastic ! Repels the water. Doesn’t stain or cloud up. Appearance of shoes looked the same. Easy wipe off . Loved it ! Used my other 1/4 bottle for re-sprays over wet spring months. Ordering another bottle ! Spray scotch guard left a cloudy film on my black Under Armour. This product does NOT change the look or feel of the shoe and blocks out water ! Love it ! Good size bottle as well.

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  25. Michael S. Maier

    Ez on spray protection!

    Dries quickly for 2nd application.

  26. dp

    Works like a charm.

    I sprayed this on my new white Nikes as soon as I got them, and I make sure I wipe the dirt and dust off with a cloth when I get home. Happy to say they are as bright and white as when I got them.

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  27. skeptic

    Perfection for suede

    I’ve reviewed before but the review is old and I love this stuff so much I want everyone to know about it. Works on everything from clothing to my prized Louis! If I trusted this stuff on a $2200.00 purse you can believe it frikin Works!I’m coming back to this review because just recently while putting hand lotion on a blop went straight down onto the toe of my suede boot, ruined right? Nope, I blotted the blop off and no damage and nothing showed up down the road from this mishap either like a shadow spot or something.

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  28. Amazon Customer

    Holy Moly…A waterproofer that works!!!

    So I had a new pair of “waterproof” Sorels. No offense to Sorel but I’ve had waterproof boots before…that weren’t! Just to be safe, I sprayed my new boots. I should add here that my new boots were a light tan nubuck with black soles.The first day I wore them (after being treated) I tracked through everything, mud, dirty snow, puddles…you get the picture!I could not believe my eyes…the black rubber soles looked dirty…the Nubuck looked BRAND NEW! After three days of yuck winter weather, my boots still looked NEW! A product that really works…imagine that!

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  29. Kat

    Good value for the price

    Works pretty well. I used this spray on some boots that I wore while traveling – I wanted to waterproof them since I knew it was going to rain. I placed two applications on my boots and my feet stayed dry when it rained, however I think if I had been walking through standing water or if it had been a torrential downpour that would have been a different story. I think this spray is a good value for the price and the fact there is no noxious smell with application is a huge plus.

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  30. Ellen Landowski

    This stuff is amazing!! I have vintage footwear and clothes and …

    This stuff is amazing!! I have vintage footwear and clothes and it doesn’t change the color of anything…not even suede. After it dries you can put item under running water and does not get wet…like water off a ducks back. I like the fact there is no odor, it is non toxic and not flammable dries fast and no spray can… just a pump bottle. I do wish Amazon would offer the larger refill bottles but the Nanoman website has more products for different needs and larger bottles for refills to cut down on plastic trash.

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  31. Ayub Shaikh

    Good product..

    Product is very good.. Gives 80 percent good result.. Using one bottle of spray, I could treat two pair of shoes.. One was of suede leather and other one was nubuck leather.. I am satisfied.. Price should be less..

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  32. B SG G

    Give it a try!

    You could try!

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  33. Prakash Subramanian

    Best product to protect your shoes & accesories

    I’ve been using Nanoman this product on my sneakers for a few weeks now, and I’m truly happy with how well it works. The spray is easy to apply and dries quickly without leaving any residue. I’ve tested it in various conditions, including puddles (I went for a run), and it has kept my shoes clean and protected.What I like about Nanoman Protector is that it uses nanotechnology to create a protective layer that repels liquids and dirt. It’s also eco-friendly and safe to use on different types of leather, including suede and nubuck. I haven’t noticed any discoloration or damage to my shoes, which is a big plus.Don’t think much, just go for this one to keep your leather shoes looking new and fresh. It’s a high-quality product that delivers on its promises and provides excellent value for money. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

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  34. BhartiBharti

    Impressive, long lasting and absolutely worth every penny

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     I recently purchased the Nanoman Protector with Nano-Technology for my suede ballerinas and I am incredibly impressed with the results.The spray was easy to apply and dried quickly without leaving any residue or discoloration on my shoes. I was initially concerned about how well it would protect my shoes, but after wearing them in wet conditions, I can confidently say that the Nanoman Protector worked like a charm. The water simply rolled off the shoes without leaving any marks or stains behind.What’s even more impressive is that the protection seems to be long-lasting. I have worn my shoes several times since applying the Nanoman Protector and they still look like new. I love that this product is eco-friendly and non-toxic, which makes me feel good about using it. Overall, I highly recommend the Nanoman Protector with Nano-Technology for anyone who wants to protect their leather shoes and keep them looking nice.

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  35. AsthaAstha

    The worst product I ever brought

    Totally misleading. Yes, it waterproofs the shoes. But it doesn’t protect it from dust and dirt. On the packaging it’s written that it protects it from water, dirt and dust. But it doesn’t. I’m extremely disappointed. I spent 700 Rs. On this and got nothing. I bought this expensive shoes because I thought this spray would protect my white shoes but it did the opposite. Don’t buy it.

  36. Nikita MohtaNikita Mohta

    Must have product for your accessories – Shoes, Bags

    I recently purchased the Nanoman Protector for my suede sneakers and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The spray was easy to apply and dried quickly without leaving any residue. After applying it, my sneakers looked brand new and had a protective barrier that kept them clean and water-resistant.I was skeptical about using a nano-technology product, but I’m glad I took the chance. The Nanoman Protector truly works wonders and has saved me from having to clean my sneakers after every wear and these are also light coloured so they get dirty way faster! It’s great to know that my sneakers are protected from any potential damage or stains.Overall, I highly recommend the Nanoman Protector Nano-Technology for anyone looking to protect their sneakers or heels.

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  37. Shantanu PartaniShantanu Partani

    Worth the money!

    I recently found out about the Nanoman nanotechnology product and I must say, I’m so happy with their quality and performance.The nano technology used makes them highly water-repellent and resistant to stains, which is great for someone like me who is always on the go.Having this product, makes it easy for me to maintain all my sneakers from water and other liquids. I simply wipe them with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or stains, and they look as good as new.Bottomline – I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and I think they are a great investment for anyone who wants to keep their shoes clean. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a pair of sneakers!

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  38. jayshree partani

    Smart Buy!

    Smart decision to buy!Extremely impressed with the quality and performance.Easy to clean and maintain too!

  39. Anusha S.

    Good product

    I recently purchased the Nanoman Nano Technology product and I am extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the spray.This technology makes the sneakers water and dirt-resistant, which is great for keeping them clean and looking like new for longer periods of time.It works on suede shoes and fabric shoes as well. I will test it out on my sister’s bags soon..Overall, I highly recommend this product if you want to give your shoes a longer life. They are well worth the investment!

  40. Dhara

    Didn’t work

    Didn’t work. I used almost the entire bottle on my shoes but it was no help

  41. JMS

    Can’t really say as only just put it on and trying not to spill anything on it

    Easy to use and lots of it

  42. Sandy Borne

    It is not stain resistant

    I bought it to protect a handbag I use everyday and purchased it because it is suppose to make your product stain resistant and it does not.

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  43. DN in Tennessee


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     So I received this product today. I did read other reviews prior to ordering. A few reviews mentioned that they had difficulty with the sprayer; however I felt like, I am sure they were squeezing it too hard, it was just a bad one, or it was damaged during shipping. Well, unfortunately this is my same story as well. I unboxed the product, with the lid on the product, I shook the bottle as instructed. Once it was mixed, I opened the bottle and took the protective film off and replaced the lid with the sprayer that came nestled inside the box. I took my son’s new suede shoes outside and began to spray them. I coated one shoe, when the sprayer broke! I was NOT squeezing hard at all. I did NOT shake the bottle with the sprayer on, and nor was it damaged during shipping. It is just plain cheap materials! Again, I just received this product today and used it ONLY on one shoe before it broke. (Also, I did not drop the bottle at any time prior to or during the application of this product to my shoes). Unfortunately, I will never know if the product worked due to the deplorable delivery system.

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  44. Athanasios L.

    Small size for one pair of shoes

    Small size for one pair of shoes but makes its job

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  45. Charlotte Bell

    Not stain proof

    I do like this product. It was a cheap and easy way to waterproof my shoes, but it did say it was stain resistant as well. It did not protect my shoes from stains. They are neon yellow vans and can clearly see all of the black smudges on them.

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  46. Derrick Koh

    Hope it works!

    1 bottle spray for an entire 4 seater sofa. Costly liquid and hope it works!

  47. Krisiana Bedu

    Singapore wet weather

    Wasn’t quite sure is this really works but I tried them on my canvas shoes and it weathered the heavy rain here in 🇸🇬 . Proven not once but twice. Works perfect!

  48. AC123

    Phenomenal customer service

    *This spray has been applied to boots, but those boots have not yet tasted rain with the coating on them.* This spray looks like water, has the texture of water, and doesn’t really have any aroma to speak of. I used this shoe protector spray on two dark-colored pairs of boots; one was made of canvas and another pair consisted mostly of leather. The colors and textiles of my shoes remain the same , there is no remaining fragrance, and I am excited to wear the boots in the upcoming rain that seems to be in the forecast. As a consumer who values customer service in the same level as quality, I will add that this company is SUPERB. My first spray came with a cracked and broke spray nozzle (rendering the item useless for as long as it took me to obtain a spray nozzle), but the company took the initiative to contact me and explain that the mail carrier was a bit rough on their products of late and asked if I had experienced a problem with my item. Of course I explained my issue, and not only was it a timely replacement that was sent to me, but this company’s customer service was a joy to work with. All in all, a company I would shop in again.

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  49. Michele

    Works great

    I put this on some white tennis shoes as well as fabric on my sliders. They both sustained stains as they look just as white today. I suppose I’ll have to reapply but this stuff is great

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  50. amre

    It’s the only brand I’ll buy!!

    At first, I was a little skeptical… I used it on my new converse (chucks) and it worked like a charm… So I started spraying all of my shoes… And a chair that had fabric on it… I bought more to use on my (new) couch.. then I purchased some & had it sent as a gift through Amazon for a friend, who loves the stuff as well, by the way… I was a little heavy handed the first time I used it on my shoes… But I realized a little bit does go along way and it really does work! I still have some left over and I spray my regularly worn shoes about every three months, Probably because I’m a little OCD about it… They probably don’t need them… Because the water still runs off of them like it runs off a ducks back.. Beads up and everything… Seriously like my “title” says: it is definitely the only brand I’ll buy from now on!!

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  51. payal mohta

    Excellent protection

    I recently purchased the Nanoman Protector for my shoes and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.The coating went on easily and has provided excellent protection for my shoes. I love how it repels water and dirt, keeping my sneakers looking fresh.The durability of the coating is pretty good given the cost.Would recommend the Nanoman Protector to anyone looking to extend the life of their leather footwear.Small investment that goes a long way in protecting your shoes!

  52. Madhavi Nyati

    100% Water Repellant for shoes

    An amazing product to keep your shoes dirt free and as fresh as your first buy. Spray your shoes and bags with this product before stepping out and it makes them water and dirt resistant.An absolutely pocket friendly sizing, and well priced as per the results. A must have for people who want to keep their bags and shoes shining.

  53. Zeni

    Excellent protection for shoes and bags

    I used this for my suede shoes and a leather bag and I am thrilled with the result – water droplets roll right off, and my shoes don’t get as dirty as they used to before. I was hesitant to try it at first, but I will be using this on all my shoes and bags henceforth. Highly recommend.

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  54. Bhanu GargBhanu Garg

    Works like magic

    One of the most useful things I’ve found on Amazon. I no longer have to worry about accidentally spilling stuff on my shoes/bags & them getting stained! Totally worth buying.

  55. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Only brand I will use to coat my expensive shoes. Nanoman

    I have found great results in using this coating for my sneakers , which ensures dust and dirt does not stick and stain to your shoes and with a single wipe they get cleaned.Would definitely recommend this product

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  56. aayushi soniaayushi soni


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     Ordered this product to save my expensive shoes from water spills and dirt.Must say, it is doing a great job.I tested it with a bit of water to see if it works & YES!SUPER HAPPY with it!

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  57. Amit Shinde

    Received used pack

    I received used pack and both security seal was broken. I returned product and waiting for new one.

  58. Shiva Pal


    I used it twice on my white sneakers but it doesn’t work like it is shown !!Not a good product!

  59. Dyvik gowda

    Absolute trash!

    Does not work one bit. I sprayed multiple times in my suede and knit shoe and the water goes right through.

  60. Kawal

    Used product received

    Outer package was sealed but the product seal was open and it seems used.

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